Whats up guys..its been as awesome summer…ready for fall? :D 


September promise peoples. Yeah Buddy. Get ready,its almost here. Are you pumped for how much Ass we are all gonna kick in September!? Some of you just started your journey. Some of us have been going strong for years. Weather its day 1..or day 100…We need each-other for support.  Find what motivates you…and get out there and DO IT. 


"If you put as much time, into working on winning, as you put into thinking about loosing, you’ll already be a champion!" 💪 When the world is against you - you prepare to fight the world 🌏 When people start giving up on you - you prepare to walk your path alone 🐅 If you have knives in your back - use them as utensils against adversity 🔪 The old you will creep on up, OLD habits, previous doubts, all those previous problems, he is not going to take no for an answer 🚫 but that’s when you turn around and knock his head off, you need to keep pushing for the NEW you, the one that succeeds, stays true to the path, who keeps on stretching to achieve dreams! taking no prisoners! 👊💥 Don’t go around your problems, go through them! You WILL succeed, you WILL reach your goal, just. DO. NOT. QUIT. 🙈🙉🙊 #stayhungry #raindayreflection #motivation

Neon Bunny - Its You

Anonymous asked:
so you like thin guys?

thin guys..scrawny guys..built guys……yes please

Anonymous asked:
seeing your choice of music..you dont like super built guys?

Hey now i don’t discriminate against any body type :) …but….yeah lean guys are particularity…yea…

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