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i love what you are doing? i was wondering can you share a workout schedule with me . i would like do to some of the exercises you are doing . love your body

o well thank you so much!! O_O

Right now i am in the middle of doing P90X-3..because i have missed days due to work sced its going to take me longer then the 90 days to complete prob more like 100..since i am not skipping the days i miss :)  

When i lost weight  last year i was originally doing tuns of running (which i still do)…i was also doing things like squats, lunges..burpees..pushups..pullups..weight training..core workouts. I like to keep things interesting as i get bored easily so i am always doing something different. Thats why i LOVE the p90-x series…you are constantly doing something different. But the biggest thing i changed to lose  my weight and get the results i did was EATING HABITS. You can work your ass off with working out but it will not make any difference if you are eating like crap.

I know most ppl hate to hear that…it would be wonderful to be able to eat fast food and sweets all day long and still be healthy but thats just not possible. The most important thing is everything in moderation…eat clean but also eat the things you enjoy and dont lose you head over it when you have something ‘naughty”. I go by the 80/20 rule…80% healthy whole foods..20% indulgent. It works for me and..i was able to meet many of my goals so far and i never feel deprived or like i am on a “diet” …its a lifestyle change..something that once you do long enough..soon enough its habit..its your lifestyle and you dont have to think about it as much :) I hope this helps a little..i tend to babble :D

Feeling fucking amazing today….Ate really well…Run……no spiders

FOR CHRISTS SAKES WHAT IS HAPPENING…I JUST KILLED TWO MORE SPIDERS WITHIN THE LAST 15 MIN…both of them were running at top speed across the living room in the same same direction..AND I tore tis room apart and i FOUND THE ZOMBIE SPIDER HE WAS BEHIND THE TV ALL CRUMPLED BUT ALIVE AND I KILLED HIM AGAIN….

i dont think i can sleep here tonight…i really cant

I TAKE IT BACK…..theres a small leg on the carpet..

OK so i KILLED this huge spider earlier…completely pulverized it with my flipflop…i didnt want to touch it so i figured i would vacuum the crumpled body tomorrow…except for…that was two hours ago …and now the body is gone…its happening guys..i have spider zombies

day not complete unless my abs feels SORE AS HELL…ugh so painful but so good 

I dont care what other people say..Tony Horton is THE best motivator and knows exactly how to make you give your best. Annoying as heck…yes…but awesome.


I found this blog when I was 50 pounds overweight, depressed, and desparate. I just wanted to let you know that with the support of this blog and friends, I’ve lost over 50 pounds and gained so much confidence. You shouldn’t ever stop sharing because im sure you’ve inspired and motivated other people to not only weigh less, but to be healthy, strong, and happy. Thanks again!



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You want to look better in a bathing suit for a bunch of people who DO NOT CARE!?

Do it for YOU. If your purpose is only aesthetics… you WILL FAIL. It has to be deeper then that. Your goals need to be long impressing the next jerk that means nothing to you in your life. People are so concerned about what others think…focus on YOURSELF not other peoples shallow opinions. 

DAMN awesome core workout tonight i am hurting….aaahh yes fat being turned into muscle just feels right 

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