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Anonymous asked:
so you like thin guys?

thin guys..scrawny guys..built guys……yes please

Anonymous asked:
seeing your choice of dont like super built guys?

Hey now i don’t discriminate against any body type :) …but….yeah lean guys are particularity…yea…

TAEMIN 태민_괴도 (Danger)


August Promise!!! Seriously love you guys….the Tumblr fitspo community is kick ASS! xoxox And just want to say HEY to all my new followers and don’t be shy! I wanna hear from you all! Talk to me tumblebugs! 

"You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will."

Stephen King (via misswallflower)

(via sports-geek)


can i have one like him? 

(via running-with-doxies)

push-ups…..more push-ups…..i love it

i certainly hope you know about this dude..


So proud at my progress

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